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If you're in need of a family crisis investigator in Texas, you have found the right place. Intel Investigations has a track record of discrete, professional family crisis investigations. We know the sensitivity of marital problem investigations and no matter how difficult you think your situation is, we have successfully investigated such matters many times before.

Cheating Spouse

Catching  an  unfaithful  spouse  requires  the  honed  skills   of  a private investigator. Cheaters and those involved in infidelity expend a great deal of effort to keep their affair(s) hidden. To make things more difficult, the motto of any unfaithful spouse is "deny, deny, deny!"


When  you  contact  Intel for an infidelity investigator in our Dallas, Texas office, the first thing we do is analyze the opportunities your spouse has to do unfaithful activities. Together we will devise the most efficient strategy to catch the cheater in the act and document the evidence.

Child Protection Issues

When it comes to child custody investigations, Intel Investigations investigators have the experience you can rely on to have the case handled successfully. We specialize in child custody investigations, whether it's to monitor compliance in court ordered visitations or to confirm suspicions in non-contested shared custody.


Child custody investigations require the most seasoned investigators. At Intel Investigations we have years of experience in monitoring child custody visitations and documenting violations of supervised visitations and non-supervised visitations. We are acutely aware that a secure and completely non-compromised operation is necessary.

Divorce Issues
Going through  a divorce  is a turbulent  time in anyone’s life.  Intel  Investigations  has  the  experience  in divorce investigations,  including   hidden   asset   investigations, bank account  location, offshore  bank  accounts, hidden brokerage  accounts and  hidden  safety  deposit  boxes. We have worked with  premiere divorce  lawyers and we know how to gather actionable evidence that wins cases.

Missing Persons Locate

Texas is a big state and our statewide network of investigators can get results anywhere. We have helped countless numbers of people find missing persons, from long missing relatives to recent runaways to finding deadbeats who have ripped off our clients.